lady Diana

(الله يدافع عن الحق ) Dieu et mon droit / Acrylic painting 152cm x 122cm

 (الله يدافع عن الحق )   
Dieu et mon droit 
 God and my right 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Diana was pregnant this according to Mohamed al Fayed, was the reason for the killing.
Diana has become pregnant with his son’s child, he said, and that idea was unpalatable to the British state.
Mr. Fayed said that the royal family “could not accept that an Egyptian Muslim could eventually be the stepfather of the future king of England”. And so it plotted to kill her off.
The  question behind this painting is what if she was really pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy child, a Muslim brother to the king of England…would it mater to the world? Aren’t we supposed to live in harmony together accepting each other’s religion and beliefs?
Shouldn’t we believe in one god of all religions?
Through this painting I would like people to focus and meditate on the word of “Acceptance” imagining a new world of freedom.
Chrislam sculpture


 One Symbol One Religion

This Chrislam  sculpture inspired to syncretize Christianity with Islam.

While it began in Nigeria in the 1980s, Chrislamic ideas have spread throughout much of the world. The essential concept of Chrislam is that Christianity and Islam are compatible, that one can be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time.

Chrislam is not an actual religion of its own, but a blurring of the differences and distinctions between Christianity and Islam. imagine a new world  one symbol one  Religion. Christianity and Islam having similar teachings on morals and ethics, or the need for the two largest monotheistic religions to unite to fight against the rise of atheism and alternative spirituality. Chrislam is viewed by some as the solution for the ongoing conflict between the Western world, which is predominantly Christian, and the Middle East, which is predominantly Muslim.



Media:  Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Dimension 40″x 60″

Adam & Eve

“Wonder Boy”

                “Wonder Boy”


                       Acrylic on canvas 150x150cm

                     located in London.

Conflict of Belonging

Conflict of Belonging

“Conflict of Belonging”


Acrylic on canvas

150×150 cm

located in Dubai 

 Prisoner of her thoughts, and between the past struggle and the hope of freedom.

liberty and new beginning, this woman has so much personality behind her drawn expressions. she closed her eye in “the blue” with so much serenity like she’s finally free of what used to be a heavy burden:” the contradictable thoughts of her mind “.

Now's The Time

Now’s The Time

    “Now’s The Time”


Acrylic on canvas  150 x 150 cm

located in Dubai

The whole painting is composed of varying scenes on one landscape,

one globe and one seascape thats connecting surreal , creating a metaphorical “avant-garde” Killing machine, a society destroyer , a unnatural ” human” force ruling the planet earth.

Now’s The Time is that inner voice calling the society for a new resurrection. a new perspective… for a peaceful living.